Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mekong Food Bounties 3

The 3rd of the series of great homecooking from the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Bless with abundance and never have to go hungry as the river brings good fertile soil through overflowing its banks. Fishes and crustaceans came with it and not to mention the abundance of its shells, clams and snails.

The cook has in mind grilled prawns today. Big ones: succulent and sweet. One of the sweetest ever eaten. I am not surprised with those that tasted bland from the commercial side or frozen till it losed the taste? It was lightly marinated as she allowed the prawn to speak for itself. Talked she did!
I thought it was the pork neck. But then it was a bit too chewy as though the meat was very muscular. The secret came out later. It was the pig's male organ. What a way to go. Well marinated again with their fish sauce, the grill fore let it come away a winner in: taste, smell and texture.
This free range chicken was hard to eat as the meat was chewy. Very chewy. But then the taste of it's gravy sauce was to hanker for. All said, I wished it has some rice wine to give it more flavour. But then this is a non-Vietnamese speaking.
Another small uprising here. The humble Chinese cabbage took in a whole new life. It is generally used as fillers and cheap vegetable. With some vinegar and sugar it was very edible and decent. The crunch was unforgettable due to its crunchy bottom half.

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