Monday, July 17, 2017

Oven Baked Tangy and Savoury Salmon - Homecooking

Another day, another cooking project for the oven. Well I am not the cooking kind as I prefer the hassle-free eating out. But then the house is equipped and you got some time in your hands, why not? The plus point is, a Grocer is nearby offering really quality fish albeit expensive ones.

The interest is still there and the heart is willing. So here are the ingredients: Lemon juice, herbs and spices - basil and thyme both chopped, crushed black pepper and salt. Marinate the salmon for a few hours. Be careful with handling as the fillet may tear or breaks apart

Baked at 190°C for 45 mins or until flaky. Probably try to increase the heat to max for the last 10 mins to get the top browned. Too soft or moist is not a good texture to have as it breaks easily. Oil the baking paper or aluminium foil or else the skin will stick to it.

The final result is there to see. Evenly baked. The meat slightly flaky and the taste is a blend of tangy, savoury and sweetness (from the fish). The spices and herbs gave fragrance and taste to a superb fish that Malaysian is beginning to love and find ways to cook.

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