Friday, July 21, 2017

Nam Fatt Restaurant - Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

The famous dry curry of Ipoh that is still a hit with newbies and also the old-timer like me. Took my mother and brother out for 1:30pm lunch. It's open the while day.

Of course they have different types of noodles that have graced the Kopitiam's menu official and unofficial since I can remember. OK, a bit of exaggeration here. Can't help, though I have lived n KL for 35 years, still can take the Ipoh bit out of me.

Ipoh curry is not lemakky therefore its packed with spices and its savoury rather than having a sweet bias broth. This is what I yearned for in Ipoh curry noodles.
Mixed beef slices and pieces in a double-boil bowl. Subtle without being overpowering. The radish is a must. The soup was delectable.
The famous jicama 'lieu' paste in soy skin and deep-fried. Another Ipoh an favourite. This is really good and taste of the sweet fresh jicama with a paste made of tapioca flour base. The rest are just for decoration. Just joking.
The other 'Lieu' that comes with soup. The concoction from fish paste varies where each shop has their own recipe. The pork tendon paste balls is totally out of the world. From the best memory taste that I can remember inside my cerebellum.
86C, Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainton (Jalan Kampar), Ipoh

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