Monday, July 17, 2017

Little Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine - Penang

We went for a quick Vietnamese meal. I was hosted by a Vietnamese friend who wanted to point out to me the fledging Viet Khieu community in Penang. These are not illegals but the owners are legally married to locals.

The food ingredients used are mostly authentic. Unless the costs are prohibitively high, they were brought in from Vietnam.

Adapted version using the local tilapia. Meat is picked off from the fish and put on a rice paper to be rolled with other components like cucumber, 'bun' (Vietnamese thin rice noosdles), lettuce and sprinkled with 'nouc mam' (fish sauce and some with julienned carrot and radish).
This is an interesting contraption, a cheap one, but nevertheless help to organise the rice paper vertically to reduce the footprint on limited table space. The left and right slots were filled with water. The rice papers were dipped into it and rotated around to full circle to wet the dry rice completely. The reason is to rehydrate the rice paper and get it to become soft and pliable so that it can be rolled up.
Our refreshing Vietnamese Pomelo salad with pork slices 
Rounded up the meal with Camel pudding in coffee. Check out the coffee almost drawing the pudding 
37, Lebuh Melaka, George Town

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