Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sin Kee Restaurant - Tamam Sri Gombak

Food displayed was over two sessions at one of my favourite at Taman Sri Gimbal area. The ambiance here is jaded but the food though run of the mill "Tai Chow" is capable of surprising the fussy food connoisseur. I Ah e being eating here over ma y occasions and generally I am happy with their food. It's a safe place but not so presentable to bring foreign guests.

Their food somehow has the extra sauce, topping, condiments to keep you coming. Like the deep-fried Selangor, check out the crunchy garlic bits spread on top of it! The soy source has an extra zip to it too. Superior sauce.
I don't usually order garoupa fish for steaming in KL simply because it is usual not up to mark. I have problem in too many "Tai Chow" before as the stomach area is fishy and it tasted bitter. I took a risk and was rewarded.  This was good fish.
A surprise twist to BBQ pork. The surface is sandpapery and added to the joy of eating a good pieces of pork. Further it has a slight savoury taste away for the tried and tested sweet caramelised style. A winner.
Another favourite with my friends. Caramelised ribs.
Signature Tofu is a departure form the norm. Other ingredients were added to lend to the taste, smell and texture. Especially good is the texture. You will not expect that kind of feel in the mouth sensation. Full of body.
Again a small premium over others for this vegetable dish. Tasted savoury again as the world of Chinese cuisine is getting sweeter and sweeter.
Address: 64, Jalan SG 1/10, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

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