Monday, July 3, 2017

Mekong Food Bounties 1

Some Mekong dishes that have made my day: Bitter gourd stuffed with minced meat. I have eaten this dish in Thailand and it's excellent for the broth and also broaden the taste buds from the runoff mill, savoury, sweet and sour with the bitter.
The fish sauce prawns and bellypork is my all-time favourite common folks' dish.
This dish made use of the bitter gourd seeds which will be otherwise discarded. Chopped up with lemon grass to tiny bits, it was lemony and fibrous, with buts if nuts and hulls. Lots of fish sauce again making it sweet and savoury. This was my first encounter with this particular platter and a big thumbs up to it.
Again alot of pork here and stir fried with local vegetables. It could be pork with any combination and a generous sprinkling of crushed black pepper.
Mekong fish sauce as dippings are as common as soy sauce on the Chinese dinner table

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