Hing Loong Taiwanese Spicy Noodles - Melaka

This restaurant is packed with locals, a testimony of its entrenched position in the locale in the city. A local choice for 30 years. A few plus points here.

The noodles are home-made. This ensures consistency and quality. Though I did not find it especially outstanding, nothing beats eating 'fresh' noodles. The Taiwanese spicy beef broth is good. Savoury with beefy goodness, it rivals the Vietnamese Bo Kho a kind of beef stew in thick broth noodles.

One drawback is, big-eaters will need 2 bowls at the least to satisfy their cravings. I was told the portions have shrunk.

Finally, don't forget their deep-fried pork chop and also pig's trotter noodles. Despite, my fixation with beef noodles, the locals recommend their pork chop which is marinated well, fragrant and tasty.

11-J, Jalan Bachang, Kampung Enam, Melaka


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