Vegetables - Baked and Pan-fried - Homecooking

I had used the leftover olive oil and butter from pan frying ribeye Steak. Hmm... the steak's juices and butter were good for bland vegetables. Componemets: Three eggs, a few fresh and sliced button mushrooms sliced, cherry tomatoes, lots of crushed pepper and salt. No soy sauce was added as I wanted the tomatoes' taste and tart to dominate. Stir fried any wVariation if this tomatoes and eggs dish is widely available in China. It's a rather simple dish for common folks. I believed it has become a comfort food to those who grew up with it.

Baked Traffic lights capsicum, fresh mushrooms of any kind sliced but not too kind as to lose its body and feel in the mouth, cherry tomatoes, with liberal drizzles balsamic vinegar, lemon juice (not too much), crushed black pepper, salt, plenty of chopped up garlic. Use some sugar if needed to remove some of the tart. Grilled at 220°C for 5-7 minutes. Make sure there are still some crunch in the capsicum. Overcooking will make is soft.


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