Monday, February 27, 2017

Unique and Tasty Thai Hotpot - Beef and everything

Northerners eat a lot of beef compare to the southern and central denizens. If you have a cravings for beef head north. For some the Thai hotpot is a version of the Vietnamese Pho and vice-versa depending which side they are in. Although putting an orange and an apple side by side there are still 2 common thread that holds these dishes together: beef and broth.

IMHO having traveled 80 times to Vietnam and having lived in Thailand for 2 years and making many trips up north the last 20+ years, both have their merits. Thai broth is darker, strong on beef, basil and coriander smell while Vietnamese love their soup lemongrass fragrance infused.

So here I was in Chiangmai visiting an old partner and our friendship has gone back 19 years. So over a hotpot meal will be the best for catching up. It's unhurried and good for talking.

So we had, raw beef, beef balls, beef brisket, tripe, tongue, lungs, tendons, liver, intestines and the male organ. All into the very traditional aluminum hotpot with a charcoal burning base channeling the heat up through a wide funnel with a large surface area heating up the soup quickly.
Thai Basil and Coriander herbs in a strong beefy broth
Can you identify the cow's innards? 
              Chili flakes and garlic mixed
Thai garlic deep-fried till brown and crunchy. Pint-sized but sealed within the bulb are its sharp and earthy aroma all too ready to explode in the mouth
Thai usual condiments - here the quartet plus one

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