Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Easy and Fast Pork Loin Roast - Homecooking Adventures

The meat eaters will find this dish delectable and easy to make. For a newbie trying it for the first time, I have some awesome and also stressful moments. Verdict: simple and quick roast for the lazy meat-loving folks.

You can buy these pork loin for roasting from any of those Anglo-phile supermarket. One will set us back RM50 minimum. Make sure the rind was scored. Pierce it a sharp awl if you want.

My son back from London for his holidays advise me that I will need sage, black pepper and salt. Rub generous amount of sage and black pepper on the meat side, Salt will be nice and I think the more the merrier but not to overdo it. I also did another thing which I learn from another recipe: pierced holes into the meat and pushed quite a few garlic cloves in. You can see it in the sliced pork below. Set aside for a few hours to dry in the fridge.

So I was ready for a great adventure. My son was there to supervise. He told me that 180 Celsius will be good enough and leave it there for half and hour. Thereafter bumped up the temperature by ten or twenty for 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes I got the temperature up to 220 Celsius. It was more for getting the rind crackling and crisp. If not leave it there for another 10 minutes but watch carefully not to let the rind become carbon. So I got it done and scrapped the carbon off for a nice western meal.

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