Monday, February 13, 2017

Doutor Japanese Coffee

I can't resist trying out this new kid on the block. Doutor is from Japan. Looks like they are expanding along the lines of trusted Japanese partners. My visit was to their Bukit Tinggi branch in Aeon.

Simple decor almost can bore you to tears. White almost ceiling board panels greet you from above the counter. Furnishings are almost old fashion. But then who is there to argue with these Japanese on a mission to outdo the Americans. The focus is on the coffee and not decor. In fact they sourced their coffee from 10,000 farms! It's the translation of value and experience from the knowledge of the barista to the customers.
Expect the service to be slower than other similar joints. Hope they will pick up speed. I enjoyed they military latter a mix of matcha and coffee and milk. Thick and flavourful albeit not as hot as I like coffee to be.

Go enjoy a cuppa for yourself. I think I like Japanese fixing my coffee whenever I drink one.

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