Monday, February 13, 2017

Grill Red Snapper Chinese Style

Red Snapper at 600 gram. The Chinese prefers whole fish at that weight as they believe it will be at the 'sweetest' best.

It was fortunate that I got hold of this fish at Jaya Grocer, Evolve Concept Mall. They claim that most of the fishes are supplied from Kuala Selangor's sea. Look for display sign. No reason to doubt.

Fish as fresh as this should get as little treatment as possible in thick marinades to allow its flesh to speak for itself! True to form it was excellent and tasty.

Cooking companions:

1) Generous amount of Bentong ginger up to inches
2) A couple of cloves of garlic. Not too much as it may get hit by a bit of bitter taste
3) Premium Soy Sauce

Grill for 6mins for each side at 220°C

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