Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pin Xiang Restaurant - Aman Suria

The Tropicana Chinese restaurants' enclave certainly has its fill. These are run of mill eateries (in a good way) for the die-hards oldies. To set the record right, I have been in this restaurant twice. We are still experimenting and trying out and asking for recommendations. More to come when I have time to post. The first time was pretty pleasant. The second was with my son who is back from UK for his holidays. So I ordered something different. This Restaurant seems to be very well run. It has to be, as the weekend crowd is forbidding. Every nook and corner plus extensions is fully occupied.

I asked again for Char Siew/BBQ Pork but it was not my son's BBQ day. Go order it when you there. Call first. Its top. It is interesting that they have "sang cheong" with the usual partners in crime. Go far dried shrimps to accompany. Again that was from the previous visit and was not ordered as young people don't go for fallopian tubes!

So we had the sotong/squid, a crowd-pleaser. I may say, for a crowd of one! I need not worry about their standards otherwise they would have bungkus/pack up by now. The Lemon chicken is fine and a crowd-pleaser to the very western taste of the crowd of one. And finally Roast pork with Chives. What else can go close to a tradition dish?

Those who want more avantgarde stuff should go to the Oasis where I have eaten a few times. More on that later. Ohh... I have posted one, Kumar's Indian Restaurant.


Restaurant Pin Xiang

H 18G Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria
Tel: +603 8945 8733 

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