Monday, February 27, 2017

Pangkor Super Fresh Squid Sotong

Nothing beats fresh seafood from Pangkor. Ask any seafood connoisseur and you will have hearty agreement, not dispute. OK OK I am exaggerating.

What do you do when you have fresh squid in your hands. And these few were chosen by an old friend who have lived in Pangkor for over 20 years and are regular buyers from the fishing boats that come in.

So I was asked how to make them edible. Beyond edible it had to be able to be bitten in and chewed on and then swallowed. So it must not be leathery and rubbery after cooking. Well a squid is a squid and not any manufactured items.

Racking up my memories, I did remembered on 2 occasions walking along the shores of Pattaya and Hua Hin in the evening, my family and I encountered hawkers with their makeshift charcoal grill and their prized possession, fresh squids in the flesh. You could almost see the sheen and the glow on their bodies, not the limpish and lacking in luster and sparkle types that tells me these are not so fresh squids.

So these ladies, would just laid the squids for just about a minute on the fire and its ready to eat. Hahaha... I am trying to recall and make time stand still! And viola we had some of the best yet simple seafood in Thailand.

My instruction was to blanched the squid for 2 minutes in boiling water as the squids were rather large. I thought that was the most important advice. It turned out edible not like rubber or leather. The smell and taste were preserved. With some great crunchy oily garlic and a simple peanut sauce we have a great New Year dish. Try it one day. The only caveat is - fresh squid.

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