Wednesday, February 15, 2017

La La Chong or La La Land Ara Damansara - Hidden but not lost

For the foodie the choice is abundantly clear. Food for stomach is more important than feeding the emotions. I know of at least three La La Chongs. It's a multinational crowd over here including Malaysia. Well-hidden, tucked in a corner of Ara Damansara and next to the river it bids you come to discover its secrets.
Spacious and airy with lots of trees and a cool Valentine night, who needs to be at the cinema. The relaxing evening wore on till 10pm before we called it a night.

If you have a chance this is a pretty good eats with value for money. We ordered Lala naturally, Nyonya Sotong, Salt and Pepper Mantis plus a customary vege to round off the all seafood meal. RM86 seems to be a good price. However, we did not ordered crabs with Mantou. Seems to be a favorite. 

Lala in double-boiled soup was average. Meat was a big smallish and the soup was not really up to mark with taste lacking in the 'stock' element. Mantis with slat and pepper was sharp and the flour was crisp and seasoning brought the best of the mantis prawn. The Nyonya Sotong was average without anything to highlight. A warning sign probably of the run of the mill outsourced sauces.

I will try out their crabs and other signature dishes in due time .

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