Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aceh Food - Ayam Tangkap or Free Range

All my trips to Aceh is marked by a common denominator. Eating Ayam Tangkap or Free Range Chicken. The chicken is deep-fried with the leaves of Melinjo plant, curry plant, pandan and green chillis. The food is potent as the leaves and chillis bites back. Besides being potent it is also addictive. I was also served with an array of Padangnese food which i normally don't eat as it is really spicy. My tongue can handle but the aftermath is ugly the next morning!

Therafter I went over to Pidie Jaya to check out the destruction brought about by the 6th December 2016 earthquake. We started at 5:00am and arrived there at 9:30am after a cuppa or two of Acehnese coffee. It kicked hard to wake you up.

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