Friday, October 10, 2008

Tropical Fruit Farm, Penang (Part 2 of 6)

Tropical Fruit Farm is a great place to visit early in the morning. It is incredibly popular with foreign tourists. They were streaming in through tour buses and taxis. Go early or the humidity will get to you towards noon. You can join a tour. Get a taxi for an independent itinerary. Or better still if you have a car drive there.

There are packaged tour that takes you around the farm or just drop in and enjoy the atmosphere and of course the wide variety of fruit juices like 'Sar Ley', Nutmeg, and 'fruit rojak' (all three recommended).

Exotic fruits like AC Rola, Sar Ley, Nutmeg, Jambu Air, all kinds of banana etc etc.

AC Rola
Jambu AirSar Ley'Toman' Banana'Gajah' BananaFruit Salad Bar

There are also herbs to be make into tea, and basil and mint leaves to accompany the food and noodles.

Vietnamese Basil (leaves are longer and broader)
Thai Basil (leaves are shorter and narrower)
Spices are also in abundance but it is in the farm. Also available are dried 'misai kucing' tea leaves, spices, etc etc for sale at reasonable prices.

Misai Kucing
Spices for Sale
Facilities are good. Lots of shaded seats for you to seat which have a great view. You can drink and eat your juices and fruits here. Toilets are excellent and the have a window that open up to the valley. No shades or curtains. You can enjoy the sun, wind and the view while sitting on the throne!

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