Friday, October 24, 2008

MPH Cafe @ 1 Utama

It is a nice relaxing place to R & R in the midst of books. I can spend hours here without moving out as I can get a meal for RM10. A chicken chop with great fries and a soft drink. I can get near to the windows for that great outside view while catching the sunlight streaming in or plant myself near to this innovative waterfall. Water actually flows down the 4 sides of the huge pillar into a pile of smooth pebbles. Beautiful.

BTW they are having a warehouse sale these few days in Jalan 13/4, P.J.
Average Chicken Chop but with great fries and relaxing environment
The 'waterfall' pillarThe bar and the books on the leftWarehouse Sale over this weekend at Bangunan TH, No:5, Jln Bersatu, Section 13/4. Tel: 03-79581688


Little Inbox said...

Eh? This sounds like a good idea. :)

Jason said...

1U is kinda nice and can find most stuff there. That's an ideal place to stay away from the makan crowds out there.