Monday, October 6, 2008

Sin Yoon Loong, Ipoh (Part 1 of 3)

We have a week off for the Hari Raya and we head to our respective hometown in Ipoh and Penang.

My wife and I took my father to Sin Yoon Loong for white coffee. The place was packed as usual with the afternoon crowd. This is his favorite haunt when he was younger. Though he still drive around at 81 but Old Town was a bit too far. As usual he will be regaling lore from of old once we are comfortably seated. We have a window seat. It has seen better times. The late afternoon rays from the sun was streaming in giving me a warm afterglow.

I observed the meandering traffic while listening to him. It was caused by double parking from the usual holiday crowd looking for space for their out of Perak registered cars. The white coffee at RM1.30 per cuppa is worth the price. What else but white coffee when one is here. Every month this shop is reputed to use at least 2 ton of coffee powder.

14 years ago before Ipoh White Coffee took off in a big way I took a cook and his wife together with another friend whose family operated a Hainanese restaurant to Sin Yoon Loong. They were from KL. After drinking the coffee it was 2 thumbs up.

When there, one must also try the ever popular toast. The 'coffee shop white bread' has high porosity and the heat will pass through the entire bread from inside out. Thus you get to feel the 100% crispiness. Then of course the rich 'kaya' and butter spread. Yum, yum. RM0.70 per set.

Not satisfied my wife ordered 2 trays of 'kuih kak' or 'fried radish cake'. Part of the ingredients will be Ipoh bean sprout. Crunchy, short and stubby. The radish pieces was rough and was fried Ipoh style with a very strong fire that gives the unmistakable 'wok' fragrance. Little MSG. RM2.90. I have paid RM5.00 for similar fare in Aman Puri, Kepong.Old lore, old man, old coffee shop and a round of coffee to renew our spirits, faith and connectivity. This is my way of getting into the rhythm of rest. It begins with a step into the past.


Tastes of Home said...

mmm, you're featuring another fav kopitiam shop of mine, there's no toast like the kopitiam toast! and white coffee, we do have instant white coffee here but nothing like the real thing! How nice to listen to tales from the past..:)

Little Inbox said...

Here in Penang, the simple cup of coffee and 2 pieces of toasts cost more expensive. But I managed to find tasty but cheaper fried koay kak. Cost at RM1.80.

Kenny Mah said...

I love this post... feels like a bit of nostalgia in the present. And I like how the kueh kak has cruncy bean sprouts... yummy...

Timothy said...

I always wonder ....why restaurants like names like Sin Yin Loong, Sun Hing Loong, and in this case Sin Yoon Loong. Does restaurant owners have same chinese names ?

By the way, thanks for visiting.

Precious Pea said...

Nothing beats simple yet satisfying breakfast. Ooo..i don't mind a plate of ipoh chee cheong fun too. Dunno why, everything tastier there. Hahah!