Thursday, October 9, 2008

Qantas Woes Continues

Forty Qantas passengers were hurt in a mid-air incident Tuesday, some suffered fractures and cuts. It was flying from Singapore to Perth, Australia. The incident was caused by altitude change.

One possibility: it hit an air pocket and loss altitude. Or it could be other mechanical or electrical/electronic problems.

What's in it for passengers to learn from?

Buckle up the seat belts AT ALL TIMES while seated!! Even without being told by the captain through the PA system and the 'buckle up' indicator above. It is interesting to hear the sound 'klack, klack, klack' immediately the 'buckle up' lights go off in the cabin when plane has level off sufficiently after take-off.

When a plane loses altitude esp. a lot of it, everything that is not secured will fly in the cabin.

I took 60 flights last year and it has been my practice to buckle up while seated. I do not want to be one of the 40 injured.

Qantas Woes Continues!

In July, a Qantas airliner make an emergency landing in the Philippines. An exploding oxygen tank ripped a hole in the plane. From then, the airline has been jinxed by a series of other problems. One plane landing gear failed. While another sprung a hydraulic fuel leak.

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