Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shanghai Dumplings, Queensbay Mall, Penang (Part 6 of 6)

Queensbay Mall was built on reclaimed land and is at least 28 hectacres. It is a mixed development and was rescued from the doldrums when the original owner Eternal Resources S/B collapsed under the weight of the Asian financial crisis in the late nineties. The Penang Development Corporation then asked CP Landmark S/B to take over with the offer of converting the land from leasehold 99 years to freehold.
Beautiful and sprawling - Queensbay Mall
The reclaimed land extended 1 kilometer into the sea. Previously this is a small fishing community. I should know as twenty one years ago I was standing at the fishing village's jetty with the boats anchored nearby after a night at sea.

Queensbay Mall is a handsome sprawling building. It is huge and has quite a good mix of outlets. It offered middle class and above merchandise. Part of the develoment has 3-4 storey shoplots. Shanghai Dumplings was in a corner shoplot with lots of space for al fresco meal at night. Those coming in from the Penang Bridge using the coastal highway will spot it on the right at the traffic junction just before the Queensbay Mall comnplex.

The main attraction of this joint will be the 'siu loong pao.' It is prepared on the spot. One can watch it being prepared. It is the best of the lot as the other dim sum is pretty normal. However bear in mind it is hard to get good dim sum in this Hokkien state. The best dim sum I have eaten was at Komtar (very high level) years ago prepared by HKG chefs.

Here in is my last blog on my trip to Penang.
Siu Loong Pao - served hot and fillings are bathed in fluids/soup
The acid test for any good dim sum restaurant is their 'siu mai'. The skin shouldn't stick to one another and also the grease paper. The meat should be fresh and taste subtle and its skin thin yet tough so that it won't beak. Ordinary.Also the 'Har Kaw' - the prawn should not be too crunchy as this is not a fruit. Too crunchy means being soak too long in bicarbonate water. Years ago they use boric acid!! It should be firm yet yielding to the bite. The prawn should release its fragrance therefore it must be fresh! Very ordinary.Comfort food for the Cantonese. Good fish ball in soup with crunchy vegetables.Dissapointing CCF. Thick skin little in the heart. No char siew. Bad!Fried radish cake. Dry, fragrant, light on black sweet soya sauce, very little oil. I am proud of this dish.My 7 year old niece insisted on this durian dessert. Very durian. The skin melt in the mouth like 'ping peh' skin of the mooncake.

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