Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Teluk Bahang, Penang Seafood (Part 4 of 6)

We were rounding Penang Island and will pass through Teluk Bahang where we planned to have seafood lunch at a place used to be called the 'End of the World.' The road just end there stopped by the hills. Right at this point there was a seafood restaurant called 'End of the World'. Sounds apocalyptic. The seafood was great. I remember having lobster there in 1987 (21 years ago). My girlfriend then and wife now took me out together with 3 of her closest girlfriends. You can imagine!

The 'End of the World Seafood Restaurant' has moved closer to town and with that a change of ownership. No I did not eat there as it was not recommended. The end of the world now has a modern jetty, shop and car park run by the Fisherman's Association. It is also a launching pad for those who want to go fishing as well as there is a nature trail for the hikers to challenge the hills. There is also a huge complex there and it is supposed to be a museum and also offices to run the marine park and forest reserve. I hope it will be put to good use soon.
The Jetty
The Nature Trail
The trail run alongside the beach but we did not venture far as we were prepared. The day was humid even with the shady trees.

Lunch time came and we were famished. Off we went to TaiTong Seafood Restaurant. It was close to the original 'End of the world site.' We controlled our ordering and managed to come away with a decent and contented meal yet not hurting the pocket. The boss was affable and talk alot. As usual the 'secret recipe' stuff, quality etc.

Live Flower Crabs @ RM42 a kilo. Mantis @ RM26.00 each. Probably weighs 400-500 gm each.Live Mantis should be steamed. The taste and juices were tiltillating my palate. The best mantis dish I have ever eaten.1.8 kg Kam Heong CrabsVege to balance the meat and also to reduce costs!4 Heavenly King - was rather oily
Bill for 5 pax - RM169.60

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