Friday, October 31, 2008

Eateries, Shops and Hawkers in South Asia

Roti Pratha or (Roti Canai in Malaysia) is commonly found in the South Asia sub-continent. Off course they have capati, naan, thosai etc. I have Paper Thosai in Bangladesh before. This is not a local Malaysian concotion as some thought.

Food served or sold in shop fronts especially dilipidated ones are a no, no, for tender Malaysian stomachs lest we end up spending time in a hospital and if we can find one that is up to the Malaysians' mark when away from the major cities.

We need not be paranoia though as they are many inexpensive sometimes a bit rundown restaurants where one can eat without fear. I have done it over many occassions. Many have told me that South Asian food are not as good as adapted Malaysian versions. Not true! Most of the food I have eaten from those cooked from kitchens in the homes and also simple restaurants to those in hotels are excellent. The aromatic herbs and spices run riot and the taste is tantalizing to the palate.

Roti fried and samosa anyone? Did you see the girl on the right hand top corner!
Roti canai in Bangladesh
Capati in Kolkata. Look at the overturned wok!
Fruit seller in Karachi, Pakistan. Look at the huge pomegranate! Pakistan is an exporter of all kinds of fruits.Woman peddling pomeloes in Bangladesh.
Man hawking mangoes in Bangladesh.
Sundry shops, ala dry market Malaysian style.
Another sundry shop. Some of their spices are so good it is worth bringing it back.

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