Friday, October 10, 2008

Nyonya Colors - 1 Utama

At the suggestion of BackStreetGluttons I took two of my staff and pay (pun intended) a visit to Nyonya Colors at 1 Utama Old Wing. This joint looks KopiTiam in concept with Nyonya-inspired food stuffs and 'kuih-muih' thrown in.

Currently, I am doing a study on the KopiTiam Business Format. Who knows I may just join the fray one day. I have heard good reports on this Business Concept.

I was there at 12:40 pm and just managed to get a table. It was already crowded. Another 20 minutes, one either wait for someone to leave or take-away. The self – service concept is good. It cut down staff so that the business owner can pay more for quality and discipline employees.

Their beverage was excellent. From the usual KopiTiam to Hot Dessert. The coffee taste was strong. It is quality all the way. The downside was: too sweet. I was told that it is always sweet even with the customer emphasizing “kurang manis”.

The Ondeh-Ondeh reminded me of yester years where I got these from colorful nyonya 'bakuls' (basket). We
called these bombs. It is small enough to stuff one or two into the mouth. Then we will bite hard. Liquid coconut sugar will be sprayed all over the mouth. What an exquisite feeling. Combined with fresh, milky (no melamine here) and juicy desiccated coconut it is heavenly.
Ondeh-Ondeh - RM1.90 for 6 pcs
The Koswee Masin tasted good to without being overpoweringly salty with the dried shrimps.
Koswee Masin - RM2.30
The Mee Siam is a great dish to serve in home parties as no matter how ordinary the cook is, it will turn out good! See the banana leaves! It is all over the noodles. It looks so inviting!
Thai Mee Siam - RM2.50
The kaya was fragrant and the sweetness was just nice without being bitter. The sticky rice (pulut) combined well as usual with the kaya. A winning combination.
Pulut Tai Tai - RM1.00 per piece
My nasi lemak portion was generous. It has 2 types of gravy. A peanut based less spicy one and the hot sambal. The rice have too many flavors in fine balance for me to tell. It certainly has more ingredients than the usual coconut, pandan leaves and ginger. Besides the usual ikan bilis and fried peanut there was a spoonful of mango salad. Litle things means alot. It differentiates one's business fromt he rest and add value.
Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken - RM8.90
The Nasi Kunyit Curry Chicken looks so good. If looks can tell on the taste this one will be very good. The lemak curry is ‘vow’.
Nasi Kunyit and Chicken - RM8.90


backstreetgluttons said...

great you enjoyed your kopitiam meal ! and yes , we look forward to your kopitiam study as one of us does websites to cafes and infact does write ups on their profiles as well, and of course also how they can use the webs to promote themselves

J2Kfm said...

never tried Nyonya Colors, though the immense popularity with KL-ites is rather reassuring.

the nasi lemak's kinda value-for-money, from the looks of it.

least leaps and bounds better than Air Asia's pathetic excuse of a Nasser's Nasi Lemak. Horrendous.

worldwindows said...


Thanks for visiting. I love your food news from my hometown.