Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bukit Tambun, Penang Seafood (Part 3 of 6)

Fish Village Seafood Restaurant is my favorite stop-over on my way to Penang Island. It is one of the very first and the largest restaurant you will see after exiting the NS Expressway at Bukit Tambun. Another popular restaurant is actually located deeper in and is build on top of the sea. This place is going to get more customers as the second bridge will begin here and land in Batu Maung which is very near to the Penang airport.
This is huge with lots of parking space and the dining area is airy.
This my fourth visit to Fish Village. Previous occasions have been leisurely, relaxing while eating good fresh seafood. However, this trip is marred by houseflies infestation in the area. It seems that chicken farms nearby were the main donors. I have to wave off dive bomber houseflies every ten seconds. I told the management that if I suffer the same fate in my next trip it will be my last!

As usual I go for soft-shell crabs, a steam fish, baby octopuses and a clam or snail dish. If I have more than 4 or more I would order steam prawns and lotus leave rice. The staff and not well trained or transient therefore inexperience. If you need to point go to the rear of the restaurant where the live seafood are. Just point.
Total Bill for 3: RM75.80
Beautiful fresh soft-shell crabs. The meat was exquisite and the freshness shined through.
I ordered baby octopuses but got octopus' tentacles. There were blanched in hot water and there were 4 types of sauces to accompany the rather bland tentacles.
Four sauces. Chili sauce, sweet peanut based sauce, chili sambal and chili padi with soy sauce.
Grouper (kerapu). This 600gm beauty should taste succulent, firm with the premium sauces releasing the taste of the sea. It was over-cooked. It should never be steamed beyond the 10 minutes limit.
Finally, Murex. Escargot-like. Meat was firm and sharp toothpick was provided to easily dig out the meat.


Tastes of Home said...

Hey there, I think I've eaten at this restaurant before a few years ago, Bukit Tambun in Penang is famous for fresh and cheap seafood still right?

worldwindows said...

Tastes of Home

Yes its fresh and still cheap. There are many restaurants so local knowledge and also personal preference.

J2Kfm said...

normally we eat at the end one, the one called Jetty or something.
but many flies lah ...

but its true seafood's cheaper and fresher here.

foodbin said...

the last photo are comb shellfish-i find it very chewy and bland.