Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tak Fook Crabs - Aman Puri, Kepong Perennial Favourite

This crab restaurant is a perennial favourite of the locals. Where can you get crabs at half the market price? Admittedly the size is small but can we just imagine these are hairy crabs? And we can take our time to savour each and tiny bits of meat available from within its shells. The crowd favourite is packed during weekends and peak dining hours. Compounding the problem is the time taken to consume these crustaceans. No wonder some restaurants refused to serve these tables 'cloggers' where the dish can cause serious bottlenecks in the restaurant. Translating it means loss of revenues.

I enjoyed the food in the couple of times I was there. No serious complains and dislikes. The food is above average and they have a good varieties despite having a 101 ways to serve the crabs. Yes, an exaggeration but then seriously they are serious about crabs. But then you can eat all the crabs all the time so they make your money when you go for the regular dishes.

We had this one-stick pork ribs. Succulent and tender. A good start. If you like caramelisation and with lots of meat, this is it.
Marmite Crabs. Another caramelisation dish. Perhaps not so smart but then no complains after all how many time do you get to eat crabs.
Salted Eggs Crabs. Not as good as it was the last I ate.
Lapping it all up, that is with the mantou mopping up the gravies. Mantou was deep-fried to perfection. Don't miss it!
Address: 2 - 2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
Tel: 0362723346

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