Thursday, October 3, 2013

Angus Steak House - London

Go for the giant size steak, if you have the appetite and deep pocket to boot. It's for the hungry and muscle builder. Well, the weight was worth 2 pieces back home in KL.

Or try the rack of ribs that seems to cover the entire length of the long plate. Caramelised with a thick coating of sauces applied layer by layer and then bound together fromthe heat of the oven.

The conservatives may play safe and go for Jacob's Ladder short ribs cooked to perfection in its own juices. It was tender and meat was falling off the bones.

What more can be asked for? A time of great food and also the gathering of the hungry Malaysians near Chinatown (Leicester Square Underground) London. Not complaining but I do realised that our steak lacked the flavour that should be discernible and even taste strong as we chewed into the meat.

20oz or 560grams of a giant slap of meat. The beautiful thing was the meat tasted so good. It shone and it was definitely a great piece of protein.

The short ribs were stewed to perfection. My only complain was the taste was a bit over-powering in the area of herbs. You don't need to have teeth to eat this. It was seriously that tender and soft after a long soak in the heat in its own juices and sauces.
So the star of the meal. This piece of pork ribs would be the largest I had eaten. Left with a good amount of meat no doubt with strict instructions to the butcher. Caramelisation is a tradition thing when it comes to BBQ ribs. Whatever's sweet just let it be a part of the marination and later 'lamination'!

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