Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sunrise Duck Restaurant - SEA Park

Is this one of the best roast duck around? Twice I was there on a Sunday and these roasted fowls ran out by 2pm. Some say it may even happen at 12 noon. The reason why we got there just before 2pm and were not turned away was because we had called before hand and ordered our 2 roasted ducks. The ducks were flavourful and the meat texture was chewier than I expected. I had some really 'soft' roasted ducks to the extent that it felt like those mass production chickens whose meat kind of disintegrate when chewed.

The ducks were progressively kilned so the chance you get one that is freshly roasted no matter when you arrive. Get there early or else wait it out for your table. The skin was surprisingly not up to mark. it was kindly of leathery. Got me to think if it is worth going. But then the duck is not just the skin. After all it is not Beijing duck where the skin comes with a big premium. Here we go for the meat to quench the carnivorous appetite.

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