Friday, October 18, 2013

Croatian German Food - Dusseldorf

We started off with sparkling water with a slice of lemon. A refreshing start. The weather was 15 Celsius and the sun was shining. We were off to a great start that Saturday working up a great appetite with the weather and the promise of good Croatian food.

We had a mixed grill platter with sausages, bacons, pork and chicken chops and steaks. The smell from the grill sent tremors down out aching tummies. What is worse? The anticipation of the act or the act itself? The food was flavourful. No holds bar when it came to spicing and 'herbing' up the tender and fresh cuts.

I got to experience their cabbages. It is almost legendary when one travel around Europe esp. Eastern, one gets lots of this variety of vegetable. This one came sour. Obviously vinegar was added. It blended quite well with the mains, in fact even enhance our ability to eat more! Bon appetit!

In response to the many Asians coming, look there was a plate of French fries with spice rice! Or was it part of their diet. I thought not.
The seafood platter was obviously not their strength. But it was still good despite the modest serving. Malaysians kind of think of their good food as big portion, cheap, tasty and should be serve quickly.
Another modest serving of meats but with lots of cabbages and mashed potatoes.

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