Monday, October 14, 2013

Breadfruits - Desa Seri Hartamas

Fresh and quality are not only synonymous but also symbolises this incredible cafe. Fresh and healthy bread sourced from a well-known bakery in Bangsar. Only the best qualifies for a part in this food show. Look at the colour and the presentation. The sausage was the one of the best, showcasing a balance between savouriness, texture and taste. Didn't see any oil or flour. Even the rocket garden herbs are so peppery and bitter.

A wake-up call for the senses and a testimony of their relentless search for the best components to make their food an art. The scrambled eggs was the best I have eaten in texture consistency. Bear in mind it's made from free-range eggs! I went for with such gusto that I forgot my salt and pepper.In addition there were the sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.  The prices are also value for money and include a drink. I had a wild honey passion fruit.

Wild honey, yes, gathered from the wild. A best-selling version of the coffee is the Wild Honey Latte. Try the next time sans any sugar source. There is no need anyway and that brought out the best out of the latte.

Tip: Check out their fresh fruits esp the Passion Fruit. A hot seller. Buy some home to flavour your beverage esp tea. 2) The bottled Wild Honey at the side. It's for sale. The adjective 'wild' is important. Gathered from the wild by the indigenous people.

Address: 17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, PJ.
Tel: 03 6201 0090

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