Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kunming Street Food

There's a myriad types of snacks in China. Most operate out from shopfronts despite the small frontage. You get to see the components needed to dish out the product as well as the cooking utensils and the techniques.

Unplugged! The faces, the concentration, the movements and the queues. Who can forget these rituals esp those fed from young and now gone away in distant lands? Being a frequent traveller I can understand the stomach as well as the hearts pining for food back home. I ache in spirit and in a peculiar emotional way for something physical. Something that got to do with taste, smell, colour and texture.

Some of these doughs are not even tasty but the steam and the smell arouse the feel of back home and something familiar that assuage the loneliness.
An interesting potatoes dish with lots of chili flakes, cilantro, spring onions, garlic etc.

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