Monday, October 21, 2013

Szechuanese Hot and Spicy - Chuan Xiang Lou, Mentari Sunway

If you want food flooded and baptised in oil here is the place. I can recall 2 Chinese styled food that have the license to do so - Yunnanese and Szechuanese. The amount of oil is horrendous and look so yucky unless you are from the 2 provinces. My only thought is the oil is there for a practical and cooking reasons rather than culinary.

Oil is used to preserved the heat and keep food warmer especially during cold months. Lots of oil in times past was a reflection of wealth and also hospitality especially cooking for guests. Oil has a way of texturising the food making it smooth. Or when oil is spiced and infused with chilis and peppercorns if widens the spectrum of taste and pleasure in having it. Quite a satisfying meal if you like spicy food.
Fish fillet in oil bath. The dry chili and peppercorn infused oil did the trick of imparting a 'sheen of great taste' to the bland but otherwise fresh fillet. No oil no taste.
The chili and peppercorn oil left behind.
Saliva Chicken. What's in the name? Me suppose to salivate a this dish. More of the same oil. The oil is aromatic and certainly removed any 'chicky' smell if there is. Well the peanut was a good add, giving it a crunchy texture. 
Oil again but then the great stuff was eaten.

This is an excellent dish and very common among Chinese in China. A common vegetable but this time with a twist, again with dry chilis.

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