Friday, October 11, 2013

German Roast Knuckle - Dusseldorf, Germany

I thought it will take some time for me to eat the real thing. After numerous outings in Western and Chinese restaurants in Malaysia lapping up their interpretations, I got to sample the originators of this sinful meaty dish. How authentic can it get by eating a sumptuous German Roast Knuckle in Germany!

On my first night in Dusseldorf, we hit the streets and enjoy a leisurely walk along the Rhine working up a great appetite while soaking up the unpolluted air and  the great scenery laid before us. We were spoiled for choice along this food street with lots of various Germanic and other types of food, most notable Turkish. We were not here for Turkish, maybe another time another season we will do Turkish in Turkey motherland.

Our roast knuckles in Malaysia were always pre-cooked and re-heated in the oven or put into a cauldron of oil as orders came along. My roast knuckle here came fresh of the rotisserie. It was well-marinated, juicy and tender. Not one part was overdone and therefore rendering that part chewy and leathery. What more can I ask for?

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