Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lavender Cakes -

So they brought back a gem from Johor Baru. Lavender cut their teeth in Johor and their factory is located there too. Most of their outlets are there but they have a few in Klang Valley. Besides bakery and confectionery products, they have incorporated the other half of their premise as a bistro, a part of their business model.
This loaf of a Layer Cake or Kuih Lapis in Malay epitomised the flavours and varieties of products that is on offer. At least 600 items were on designed for the fortunate customers. Repleted with the smells and the tastes of the mysterious Eastern spices, this product is a cannot put it down attraction. Probably the five spice powder was all there but cinnamon seems to dominate a bit more. And cinnamon is irresistible both in the beverage, cakes and breads with the right amount.

Kuih Lapis has a strong tradition in Indonesia and its chief influence was probably from the Dutch who ruled the spice-laden Indonesia for about 350 years before getting their independence 71 years ago. In fact alot of visitors to Indonesia never fail to take home from the shelves this famous cake. You can read more here on the Bandung's Layer Cake.

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