Friday, August 20, 2010

Yung Kee Roast Goose - Wellington Street, Hong Kong

We missed this a few years ago as a family for we arrived too late in the evening to have a go at this famous restaurant renown for their roast goose and century eggs. It is now a 1 Michelin Star in the The Michelin Guide - Hong Kong/Macau 2010. The taxi driver bringing us to our hotel from Chek Lap Kok suggested we go to New Territories for a much cheaper and better version. Taxi fare around HK$120. Considering that it is only one way we decided against the idea. So we eschewed the inconvenience by going after a softer target. After all Yung Kee is easily accessible using the efficient public transport.

Besides Roast Goose they are also famous for the Century Eggs. The modern version mercifully is without the strong sulphur and ammonia smell from the use of the coating materials for the egg. My parents used to tell me that the smell of these eggs I used to eat 30-40 years ago came from horse urine as the media used to coat the eggs were soaked in with this detestable solution!

The yolk was of creamy, greenish and gooey consistency. The egg white has turned light translucent brown and was jelly-like. I was told I was eating the best century eggs money can buy. Imagine having creamy yolk, jelly white (now brown) of egg and pickled old ginger together. Chew them and let it explode in the mouth, a mix of tart, pungent and spicy old fibrous ginger with creamy and gooey egg.
We liked the texture of the dark meat. Firm and juicy without the gamey taste. The skin was taut with a layer of soft fat. Dip the meat into the plum sauce and enjoy. Personally I enjoyed roast goose in Jalan Pasar area but then YK geese were really of high quality and the cut done expertly so each morsel are of the right size.
Fish Fillet on a Bed of Steamed Eggs. Probably the attraction was the bed of steam eggs as it received the juices of the fresh Chinese Carp during steaming. The fillet was well done and very fresh.
Check out the custardy steamed egg. The smell and taste were subtle. Really a genius of a dish.
Deserts were Black Sesame Seeds to round up the meal.


J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog) said...

Must have cost a bomb, esp now that Yung Kee's a ONE star restaurant?
But probably once in a lifetime experience, as I found out that some outlets in HK also serve good roast goose.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the roast goose but i think the star of the place is their pei dan, it can really rock any socks off!

Lai Ying said...

wow finally you tried the century eggs!!Tabaued??btw how much was the whole meal??lol

worldwindows said...

J2Fkm... goose seems quite popular in HK but not soo in Malaysia. Any particular reason?

Joe... agreed 100% the century eggs were really good.

Lai Ying... Finally and the have a Michelin star to boot lately. Regret did not tapau, maybe next trip. Meal cost HKD$463.