Monday, August 9, 2010

MK Steamboat Restaurant - Thailand

MK Restaurants is a leader in steamboat (Suki in Thai) in Thailand. In fact it is my favourite. Great food where families and buddies can eat at leisure. It also boast a respectable spread of Hong Kong food on the menu. It has a very unhawker-like environment which is comforting when faced with the daunting task of sitting in the stifling April and May heat eating steamboat. After all it is a restaurant. The food are served in stackable trays, enamel pot and lots of stainless steel over a clean and efficient and user-friendly induction stove. Being one who like food to come neat, clean, great looking and off course tasty, MK is a great place. Ambiance, comfort and location are premium. Another good Suki restaurant would be Coca.
I will rate their sauce 8/10. Hot, sour, sweet and savoury with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. It is a must and great accompaniment to our poached food. 
Clean, top quality veges, tofu, beancurd skin, all kinds of fish and pork based balls and slices.
This time round I was able to learned a new trick to finish off our meal with a flourish. It is a lesson on economising. It originated from the Koreans.

1. We had 2 bowls of cooked rice. It was poured into the left-over soup which was great tasting by now after passing all the food over it.

2. Beat 2 eggs and slowly pour over the pot while stirring it with a ladle.

3. Then pour in a sauce plate of sesame oil, still stirring. Continue stirring until it thicken and become porridge like in consistency (or your preference). Turn the heat down and serve.


Life for Beginners said...

Nothing quite like stirring some eggs and rice into the remaining steamboat stock... DELISH! :D

minchow said...

That is one comforting pot of stock! Perfect to end a blasted day at work! Is MK ever going to make it to M'sia?!

Më| §zë said...

nice...! i've been going there everytime i visit my grandaunt in thailand... but never tried the 'porridge, egg, sauce' finale... will try that next time!

foodbin said...

a good idea with the eggs-we normally takeaway the eggs after the meal.