Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hotseats - AirAsia (Is it worth it?)

Row 1 with'unlimited' legroom. At RM25 (one way), the best value for money of all the Hotseats.
Having flew AirAsia up to 80 100 (lost count) times I did work out some 'booking' steps albeit mentally on what I want to do esp. on flights longer than 2 hours. Imagine flying to Chiangmai, Clark and Hong Kong (up to 4hrs). I recalled the bad ole days when I flew AirAsia Boeing 737 (old leased planes) to Clark. They were trying to maximise the number of seats into the cabin and the configuration was so bad that the legroom was terrible. Being stuck at a window seat is no joke. I felt claustrophobic and agitated, 2-3 hours into of the flight. Air rage may follow!!
In comparison when having a good seat, the 4 hour flight was a breeze. Hotseats passengers also get to be at the head of the queue (xpress boarding) so won't be held up on the tarmac or cabin by laggards and also those trying to get their bags into the overhead bin.
AirAsia X Hotseats is at RM100 but still worth it considering the 12 hours flight to London or some 8 hours to Melbourne!

Hotseats - Row 1-5
Row 1 is the best and I prefer seats D, E or F. It has the lots of legroom. Passengers here will be able to stretch their legs far out without any problem. There is a partition that gives privacy and also screen off the galley where food is prepared.  However there may be some movement as there is a toilet next to the door leading to the cockpit.

Row 2-5 have regular legroom meaning it is the same as non-Hotseats. What you get is proximity to the exit when disembarking esp. when you need to be ahead of the 100+ to get to the immigration counters - otherwise it is a waste of money.

Hotseats - Row 12 and 14 (no 13)
These 2 rows have the 4 emergency exits and therefore wider legroom for evacuation.They have good 6inches extra legroom and is my second choice after Row 1. Seats C and D are the best as it is next to the aisle. Row 12 seats cannot be recline as if reclined will narrow the exit. However Row 14 can be reclined so it is a row of choice!

I was at Row 14.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I think its good to get a good seat for a long hours flight. ^-^

worldwindows said... threshold is 2hrs with a bad seat.