Monday, August 23, 2010

Hainan Western - Mount Erskine Road, Penang

Hainan Western packed in the crowd during the weekends. In a decrepit but decent place with a large compound where the patrons dine al fresco at the cemented and spacious front or back yard. We were there early at 6:30pm and parking along the road is still bearable. The food was prepared at a furious pace and I can imagine when it gets deeper into the evening. Furious pace translated into quick service which is usually not so according to my nephew who is an insurance agency manager. This guy knew where the good food is. Best of all - prices here is cheap/big portion and tasty. Add fast - this is the trinity of successful Chinese fast food.

My son liked it. I liked it and so did all who were there. With a RM7 for Chicken and Pork Chop and with a generous portion and RM14 for Sirloin and Lamb do not expect the food to send you to the moon. It will fill and satisfy the stomach but for those who like ambiance and high quality this is not the joint.
The Mushroom Soup was I think RM3 a pop. It was thick but the taste was thin. This is a disappointment.
The Sirloin was good. No complains of it being tough. At RM14 for such a quality a big eater will need another plate. So make it RM28.
Chicken Chop's portion was generous. I wonder how they are going to turn a profit. The meat was good quality and succulent as it is the thigh portion. Lots of sauces but of average quality in taste.
Another look.
My favourite Pork Chop. Lots of sauces again. Meat was a bit coarse but then the pepperised batter a good portion filled my stomach.
Meat was sliced thinner but I got 2 big slices.
Lamb Chop was as good as the rest. Above average but minus the ravings.
Location at the corner of the junction of Mount Erskine Road and Lintang Choong Lye Hock.
Tip: Go hungry and reach there by 6:30pm
Hours: 6:30pm - 12 midnight except Thursday.


minchow said...

This place is a bit of a legacy in Penang! Back in the days when Western food hawkers were far and few in between, these guys were operating at furious speed at another location! Must go back for nostalgia's sake!

CUMI & CIKI said...

this place looks great! min chow, i am tagging along the next time you go! LOL

J2Kfm said...

Haha .. this was theplace that got such rave reviews back then, mainly because you have to dine in front of altars, in front of a temple, and near to a cemetery.

It doesnt get any wackier than this!

Duckie said...

we absolutely love this place! the food there is really good. a must go!

worldwindows said...

minchow...didn't know the history goes back..

CampC... :-)

J2Kfm... driving up 1st noticed the cemetery, then the temple and they have a big shrine within compound.