Friday, August 27, 2010

Tsui Wah Restaurant - Hong Kong

Tsui Wah is a Char Chan Teng chain. They are omnipresent. You are bound to bump into them in town. There are 17 of them of which I was at their Nathan Road Restaurant. It is run 24hrs!! (not all are operated 24hrs). Good comfort Hong Kong food here. The prices are reasonable and the taste is great.

I found that Hong Kongers value their food and the customers' palate and desire, are utmost in their mind. Food is named, presented and ingrediented with finesse and probably some flamboyance. No thanks to their film and fashion industry.

Perhaps our local wannabe (you know who) should take a look at their menu, portion, taste, pricing and operations. We thoroughly enjoyed our first meal in Hong Kong at Tsui Wah.
Well-resourced (sauced) - sweet, sour, savoury, pepper, chili oil etc! Chili Oil is (Ma Lat) numbingly hot but was really good for the noodles. Watch out.!
Good western-style and quality buns! I hope MH will deliver these and maybe the wholemeal variety. Perhaps I will fly with them again.
Thick sour and savoury Borsh Soup. Really satisfying. No holds barred.
Similarly applied to their Mushroom Soup. Slurp it down.
Their tea is one of the kind and I am biased towards this particular HK beverage since I don't take coffee. Made thick, slightly bitter with a strong dose of creamy milk.
Chicken Chop with Scallops Spaghetti. So appetising and good to eat. What you see is what your get (WYSIWYG)! Wholesome.
Check out the huge scallop! You get two.
Pork Chop Burger! Ate my hearts out for this hard to find variety in Malaysia. Good tender meat and quality buns.
Beef - tender morsels with super fluffy rice. Why does rice taste so good overseas? Please explain this rather odd phenomenon.
And the hot favourite of my son. Must have French Toast. Suffice to say it is better than what we get back home. A winner hands down.
Inside the Char Chan Teng. 
Recommendation: Go in if you do not know what to eat or want something good yet economical. Check their restaurants' addresses in the website but only in Mandarin.


boo_licious said...

HK chan teng food! Yums, I like. Re your q on why rice tastes nicer overseas, it is because we get inferior quality in Msia hence everything tastes blek. That's why we lose out to Spore for Hainanese chicken rice as their rice is better quality.

worldwindows said...

MM...agree with you.