Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Famous Nathan Congee and Wonton Noodles - Nathan Road, H.K.

This is one famous Congee and Wonton Noodles House. Adults recalled being there when they were kids. And with fame, they to share this simple and unpretentious eatery with local and foreign celebrities. Food is prepared traditionally and if possible at the point of receiving the order. Their food and preparation can be described as, "Real skills, genuine ingredients." Hanging on the wall is a picture frame with local food expert, Michael Lam, attesting to their good food.

Why congee and noodles? Nothing can be more consoling to the Cantonese than having these two comfort food esp. for those bereft of home cooked food! With Hong Kong penchant for movie-making and a vibrant cultural and fashion scene their food takes on a twist of flamboyance. There were the extra flair in names I couldn't understand as it is too technical ad the ingredients used are extravagant. It is either they love their food or/and in an economic perspective, HK is a developed economy and has a high standard of living.
Its the beef slices here that shone. Thick tender slices. Flavourful and done medium to well, it was the really good beef and one that I have not eaten for some time. But the noodles was forgettable. Go for congee here! 
The congee was smooth. No lumps, grains and stickiness that lower the quality of the congee. Fish stomach (yee lam) was cooked to perfection.
Congee with chicken. The chicken was not well prepared and the unsightly yellowish fat kind of took the edge of the taste.
Century eggs were of so so. Quality was not consistent. I prefer the creamy gooey centre. These were coarse.
This is the congee de la congee. Ingredients includes abalone, scallops, clams etc. This is an excellent way to indulge with family, relaxing over food we are passionate and also enjoy. That's why I like HK and been back again and again.
The chef getting hot congee for his customers.
One inconspicuous lot.
 Location: Directly opposite of Novotel Nathan Road.


boo_licious said...

Look so gooood!! I love the food at HK as their ingredients are always top quality.

choi yen said...

Wah, so many beef in ur plate of wonton mee!

worldwindows said...

MM... Super ingredients.

Choi Yen... over-ingrediented!