Friday, August 13, 2010

Petaling Street Aluminium Foil Baked Stingray

My Indonesian friend is enamoured with this particular Grill Fish stall from Petaling Street. 'Grilled' may be a misnomer as the fish was packed inside an aluminium pouch and baked over the fire. The heat brings the water content into a boil and the fish and vegetables will be cooked by the hot steam. He would eat from this stall almost every night when he was having training sessions in its vicinity. I know its the food and not any special lady there though if it happened I will not be surprised. Each of us may have a story or two to tell in this regard.

This particular one is better then its competitor which set up stall on the Hong Leong Bank's five foot way. The sauces here are smoother and the stingray super fresh. The other one lost on both counts. We ordered three pouches each packed with stingray pieces, lady fingers, brinjals and long beans.

The vegetables were cooked just right, fresh and still green. The piquant and spicy sauce penetrated through the contents as the pouch was like a pressure cooker. It puffed up during the cooking. The stingray was succulent and we pulled strips after strips of its delectable offerings.

The aluminium pouches over the charcoal grill.
The stall's main staple is Clay Pot Chicken Rice.
Another of my friend's favourite is the Tofu Fah situated diagonally opposite Hong Leong Bank.


Life for Beginners said...

That's cool - can order the "pouches" to go! ;)

Duckie said...

Tried the grill fish before. love it!

foodbin said...

cooking it this way will retains all it's flavor

Food For Tots said...

I love love love the grilled fish and the tofu fah. Looking at the photos makes me miss KL food. Will try it out when I'm back. ;)

CRIZ LAI said...

It have a long time since I last went there for dinner. The spiciness was surely a kick. :)