Thursday, August 19, 2010

Canon S90 - Optical and Digital Zooming in Hong Kong

 Started with 28mm
It was a great chance for me to put my Canon S90 (28mm - 105mm optical zoom) through its paces. Its PCWorld top-rated fixed-lens camera of 2010 thus far. Due to time constraint, I have been using the 'Auto', 'Low Light', F2.0 and video functions. And there are tons of other tricks that I am still unfamiliar with. With its F2 lenses I was also able to get DSLR style shots of clear foreground accompanied by a blurred background and vice-versa. 

These photos were shot through glass windows from the 14th Floor of the Novotel, Nathan Road, Hong Kong. S90 has an interesting function where one can take the shooting beyond the 'Optical Zoom' by using the 'Digital Zoom'. It is activated by tugging at the zoom lever. I got an extension to 15X. With a 28mm start as well as setting it at high quality shot (2Mb +), it goes a long way grabbing far away object without too much noise.

Check out how I grabbed the signboard (Tailor) especially so when all shots were hand held and using 'Auto' function.
105mm (this max out the optical zoom)
140mm. (From 105mm the digital zoom will kick in)


thenomadGourmand said...

Can i know how many times is the optical zoom in the 1st place? Thks!

worldwindows said...

Optical zoom is 3.8 (28mm to 105)
Digital zoom is 15 (28mm to 420)