Monday, August 16, 2010

Bubba Gump - The Curve

Another visit (4th) to Bubba Gump? Why not? The food there is great if one sticks to seafood esp. the shrimps. I have gone for their steak and chicken and its good too. Though its not exactly fine dining, I am happy with this American deal. The indoor dining is always full but the alfresco is not packed like the good old days. The attraction is going for their 1 1/2 pound of shrimps (Cajun or garlic) for under RM60.00?
Run Forrest Run - RM11.90
Mango Sparkler - RM11.90
Cajun Shrimps - 1 1/2 pounds - RM58.90
Tossed Chicken Cobb Salad - RM25.90
I'm Stuffed - Stuffed Shrimps -  RM39.90
Crazy Cajun Chicken - RM28.90

Royale Bintang's Terrace just below. We were enjoying great singing by a Filipino band.


Duckie said...

looks yummy :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

hmm, never ate here before.. maybe we should!