Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sentul Pasar Dalam Steamed Fish Head and Braised Trotters

Ten of the hungry folks gathered, seated and conquered 2 large Steamed Fish Heads, 3 plates of Braised Pork Big Bone and Small Bone, 2 plates of Fried Tofu and veges to the Cantonese song of "Hungry, Hungry, Hungry till Screaming" to the melody of Burung Gagak Tua!

Big portions and food was really good. Fish Heads were steamed to perfection. Meat just fell off the fish bone. The Omega 3 melted in the mouth. The fish heads were flooded with superior soy sauce and topped with minced ginger and fried garlic.

The trotters were meaty and replete with collagen and gelatin. Again the sauces were tasty and made the meat so enjoyable. The tofus were simple and topped with onion rings and sweet and sour Thai chili sauce that brought the milky and rich tofu flavour out to the open.

Try to be a bit out of the meal times otherwise be prepared to wait  for more than 30mins. Ee were seated at the road side under a pedestrian crossing. It can get dusty and hot. Opens from 11am till 730pm.

Roadside stalls
In front of Health Lane Family Pharmacy
Jalan Sentul Pasar Dalam, Sentul
Opposite to SJK (C) Sentul Pasar Peng Ming

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