Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Botani Dim Sum, Bandar Cyber, Ipoh

We took 5 hours to get from KL to Ipoh on the 31st Aug. It was a very long weekend. Some have left on Wednesday afternoon taking half a day off the day before. It was the longest homeward journey I have braved from KL to Ipoh since 1982, the year I moved to KL for studies and have stayed ever since.

Upon arrival at 1pm and out of expediency and also to assuage the hunger gnawing away my good spirits, we stopped at this Dim Sum restaurant not far from my Ipoh home. I have left KL at 8am without breakfast thinking I will have brunch in 3 1/2 hours max.

Again as compared to my favourite Ming Court and Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum, this one will lose. But then to many what's the point in harping in some taste superiority compared to easy parking and close proximity to home. These facts will be accentuated further when we have older people eating with us.

The food is above average and I especially like the Yee Mai and Lau Sar Pau.
Never disappointed before with this Lau Sar Pau.
This was a pork paste wrapped in fish fillet and flooded with ginger sauce. An elaborate labour of love is needed to put this tray together. This should only be ordered at the beginning and should be eaten before any other Dim Sum as it can became a laborious chore when the stomach was half-full. It was precisely this that I have to give up not finishing this tray as I do not want to feel heavy-laden for the next 2-3 hours.
5A, Jalan Lapangan Siber 10, Bandar Cyber, Ipoh

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