Sunday, September 17, 2017

Roast Pork - Swisang Restaurant, Ipoh

Come 4pm people will be standing in line waiting patiently to ordered their roast pork. This will be esp so during holidays. So persevere on as some may make big orders and want it to be chopped into bite-size pieces.

Or arrive a bit earlier. There is also a reason to be there early as the best morsels may be sold out for late arrivals, leaving only some less desirable cuts. So with the promise of good roasts, we arrived at 4 pm to a line but suffer not as we waited only for 15mins to appear at the front of the queue.

I have 3 preferences but not in any particular order. The loin rack with chop is one. I called it "one rib". It is the entire rib from skin down to rib bone. It includes the the pork rib chop. Generally it has more lean meat. The other is the pork belly where it is usually booked by roast pork and chicken shop.

And finally the pseudo pork belly. I am not sure what's it is called but it has 2 layers, a fat and a lean one. The lean meat is tender, aromatic and very tasty. The fat is thicker and some may find it not so palatable. But to me this is really a good cut. I got hold of a kilo at RM50.

13, Persiaran Wira Jaya Barat 38, Desa Perwira, Ipoh

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