Saturday, September 23, 2017

Red Tea Dim Sum, Sunshine Lip Sin

Penang folks have taken to Dim Sum in a big way. My in-laws have been bringing me to different ones in Sungai Nibong and Bukit Jambul areas for years. Usually they were crowded but not packed. Not until, I had my Dim Sum breakfast here. This place is massive. They have turned the wide walk way into a massive eating place with lots of tables occupying every nook and corner of this building.

If crowd is an indication of taste this location has to win hands down. We ordered an array of food more akin to the Cantonese from Ipoh. The Siew Mais, Har Kous and Siew Loong Paus with pork, prawns and fish paste. Well the ingredients were fresh and I can say that we have no issue with the food.

Personally, I found the food here above average esp with given the fresh prawns. My only observation which is quite common to many eateries everywhere is the increasing sweetness of our food. It's a recurring refrain from me. What has happened to the salt?

I was told that the Lau Sar Pau here is good. Have a go. Bring the family there if you crave for Dim Sum in Penang. I will stick to Ming Court and Yoke Fook Moon in Ipoh. But then the are from Ipoh.

Sunshine Lip Sin, Gelugor, Penang

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