Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ebizo and Hamakaze, Ara Damansara

The only Japanese restaurant here and it has a long name. There are 2 sections, the a la carte and the buffet, eat all you can. We decided to do a la carte. This will be my second outing here. The experiences have been good in terms of services and the quality of the food serve esp when freshness is the key.

My son who has a smattering of Japanese and can read somewhat told me that Gyu is the same as (Niu - Mandarin for cow) and Tendon is not what we understand from the English language but it is the mixed of two words, Tempura (fried in batter in Japanese) and Don (bowl in Japanese). He furthered explained that there is no such word as 'tempura' but should be 'tenpura'.

Anyway, the salmon belly at RM4 per piece was fresh to a fault. From the smell of the sea to the firm recoil as I bit in, simply said, a testimonial to its 'aliveness'.  The beef tartare, hmmm, was not orders by me and I can see from the gusto it was attacked, it must be good.

As Malaysians, no meal is complete unless there are some fried stuff on the table. My son choose the chicken karaage. Shall I say the flour used was addictive. I am not sure what was the mix, but it's fragrance and light crunch really gives the chicken a run for its money. Great combination.

There was nothing unusual about the Mixed Tempura set in the bowl of rice. Just fresh squid, fish, prawn, lady fingers and pumpkin. Again the food was as expected, except for a slight kink, one of the shrimp was a bit soft to the bite.

Well this will be another hangout in Ara Damansara for Japanese food besides Rakuzen in Oasis.

Ground Floor, Evolve Concept Mall
Ara Damansara

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