Thursday, September 14, 2017

Relau 88 Mom Homemade Authentic Asam Laksa, Penang

Relau 88 is nestled inside a little oasis where plants are everywhere, literally from top to bottom. It takes away the urbanised edge that Penang is infamous for. Our nephew was our local guide. We went around in his comfy MPV and food has never been so reachable and easy to find without WAZE.

He offered to take us here saying that it's a local favourite as far as Asam Laksa is concerned. We expected a small bowl ala Penang-style. However, a reasonable big bowl of goodness came. Everything I wanted for a bowl of Asam Laksa were inside. Prominent were the Bunga Kantan. It was very aromatic. The prawn sauce was available at the table but was not that strong. I resisted adding more as it may change the make-up of my laksa. And the tart was bit overwhelming. Also the mackerel was boiled into bits which is normal here. I prefer chunky mackerel.

The Ice Kacang was somewhat a disappointment at least to my taste save for the nutmeg bits liberally sprinkled as toppings. Just too good. The lack of evaporated milk and the associated flavoured syrup made this dessert a little bland for my palate. Perhaps a stronger rose syrup will help. All in all its value or money and given the ambience, a good place to while away some time and relax to food and fellowship.

Relau 88 Mom Homemade Authentic Asam Laksa 
Persiaran Paya Terubong 2, Pulau Pinang

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