Friday, September 8, 2017

Manhattan Fish Market, The Curve

My constant call to the purveyors of good food, "Surprise me!" This means hard work, checking in on the latest trends, food promotions befitting the season and generally weed out laggards and introduce new dishes to keep the menu fresh.

The king crabs and lobsters sitting in a stainless steel ice box outside the restaurant piqued my attention. I thought, "must try it." Same went through my eating companion.

For around RM80 for each of those, do not expect a miracle of sorts for the size, taste and freshness tests. Suffice to say it was good enough. The food presentation was good and so was the impeccably attentive service.

Try it if you must esp those who wouldn't want to go to Alaska or Hokkiado for the King Crab and good old New England for the lobsters. Just kidding. You can find them in some restaurants swimming and ready to be made into food. Be prepared to pay.

The Curve

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